The concept for this album is really all about intimacy. It was recorded in 1997, at a time when I did not see myself as a recording artist particularly. My reason for making it was so that I could satisfy the many enquiries received after my
live performances with a CD of some of the pieces I had played.

I have a dear friend called Andy Park who is a fellow musician and also an amateur sound engineer whom I asked to record some tracks for me. He visited my house, and set up a couple of microphones - very simple, and I played for a couple of hours until I was happy with the way everything sounded. We had a great day; Andy perhaps more so than myself, as he was just enjoying listening to all this soothing harp music, and I was busy doing what every self-respecting artist does best; being my most severe critic! Once we were happy with the way the mikes were picking up the harp, and I was happy with my performance, everything was done and dusted.

My choice of repertoire on this record I liken to one of my favourite recordings of another great harpist. My parents bought me a copy of 'Pieces from my Childhood'; a collection of beautiful works for the harp performed by the brilliant Marisa Robles. I loved the idea of selecting music that has a special place in ones heart. Pieces or songs that, as I was studying the harp with my teacher, Daphne Boden,

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