Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Things To Know…

What Is Yoga Good For?

Among the many possible benefits a regular Yoga class
can bring are:

  • Increased energy
  • Build core strength and stability
  • Calm and centre for stress and anxiety
  • Build muscle strength, tone and flexibility
  • Stimulate connective tissue
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve posture and alignment
  • Build a strong, supple, pain free back
  • Improve mental focus and concentration
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Improve breathing and lung capacity
  • Quieten your mind, and open your heart

What Should I Wear?

Please come to class in comfortable clothing designed to give during exercise.

Before you enter a class, please remove your shoes and socks and leave them respectfully where no one else can trip over them. Yoga is practised in bare feet to give us maximum grip for safety and enjoyment!

Do I Need To Bring Anything?

You will need to bring your own mat.
.A small bottle of water is a good idea.

One more thing…

.Please make sure that you’re mobile phone is switched off before class begins.

.Do not eat anything substantial for up to 2 hours before a class, unless a medical condition necessitates this. Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach.

.Be a few minutes early for class. Enter the room quietly and settle onto your mat being mindful of those around you. If you do arrive late for class, please wait for an appropriate time to enter the room and do so as quietly as you can.

Leave your ego at the door. In a Yoga class we strive to cultivate a welcoming space which is noncompetitive and nonjudgmental. Start with yourself; make a concerted effort not to judge or compete with yourself. Rather try to draw on your capacity for compassion and exploration. Don’t force. The body and the mind do not respond well to force. If you need to rest during class, you can come out of any posture, at any time. Be receptive to your bodies needs and in turn your body will show appreciation through responding to the minds acceptance. Be patient. Be open. Be accepting of yourself. Cultivate these qualities and you will be stronger, healthier and more flexible in body, mind and spirit.